Don’s Travelogue: Mandurah

Kampung Luat

Hi mate ! Its a beautiful day today and  I’m about having my eggs benedict for breakfast.

Malaysian Caricaturist

I have planned to spend my  last day in Australia to an aquatic  place called Mandurah.

Malaysian Caricaturist

I was told by the locals that Mandurah was recently declared  as Australia’s fastest growing regional destination and its coastal town  has become a vibrant tourist attractions.

Malaysian Caricature

It’s an hour drive south of Freemantle and along the coast, the beaches are sensational.


The city is very walkable and the waterside boardwalks making a stroll an enjoyable and rewarding. There are cafes and  specialty shops at Dolphin Quay located at the picturesque Ocean Marina.

Malaysian Caricaturist

I took a boat ride on this fabulous  waterways!

Kampung Luat  2

Boasting an astonishing and cosmopolitan lifestyle it’s no wonder Mandurah is so popular to visit.

Malaysian Caricaturist

What was once a fishing village is now an exciting and glittering city with sunlit waterways.

Malaysian Caricaturist

Had lunch at Cicerello’s Seafood Restaurant  with stunning views across the water of the Peel Inlet.

Malaysian Caricaturist

Beyond its historical site Mandurah has the usual range of tourist attractions. There’s Kerryelle’s Collector’s Museum with bottles, dolls, coins, spoons, seashells and gemstones been displayed.

Malysian Caricaturist

I’m gonna missed Mandurah and this sweet little Tia..I drew at Claremont. So till then, take it easy.

Don’s Travelogue: Tokyo

Malaysian Caricaturists
Don @ Malaysian Booth Tiffcom

I attended TIFFCOM (  Tokyo International Film Festival ).Its a marketplace for building networks and get closer insights especially from the creative contents industry.

Malaysian Cartoonist
Introducing my company’s profile at DLE ( Dream Link Entertainment )

The Malaysian delegate lead by Finas and Emdec consists of companies including Animation Studios, Game Developers, Post Productions and Broadcasters.

View from Mori Tower Roppongi
Splendid view of the city skyline and the prominent Tokyo Tower

Our  main objective from this trade mission was to acquire Co-Production opportunities with Japanese companies. Besides that we also looking for Pre Sale and Worldwide Distributors for  our two Animation series.

Cartoonist Malaysia
At Toei Animation studio with my son Tasnim and Adam from GCMA

The organizer , GCMA  had a pre arranged programme  and meetings with a few top animation studios and broadcasters in Tokyo.A chance of a lifetime which could only be possible through goverment initiative.

Malaysian Cartoonist
At Toei Studio which produced the animation series One Piece.

It was a close encounter and indepth understanding especially in the perspective of animation production in comparison with Japanese counterpart.

I personally had a great knowledge especially in the different approach and style in animation productions and also  the diversified marketing strategies.

Malaysian Caricaturist
With the founder of Domo Mr Nobuo Isobe at NHK

Merchandising and  Brand Licensing are the key elements  for  their worldwide business acknowledgement. Looking back from my own perspective its not that  hard to follow their footstep.

Malaysian Cartoonist
A gigantic Robot on top of Ghibli’s Studio

Even though the Japanese Anime is standing tall compared to our local Animation industry but I do believe we could rub shoulders in many ways.

kampung luat
A great feeling at my favourite place The Ghibli Studio Mitaka

It was a meaningful visit to Tokyo and  I’m very excited  and look forward for a colourful future insyaallah.  So till then my dear friends Domo Arigato Gozaimas’ta and Sayonara !

Don’s Travelogue: Perth

Malaysia caricature
@ Perth Royal Show

Ga day mate !  I just came back from a splendid moments in Perth.

Malaysian Cartoonist

I walked all over this peaceful and clean city.

Malaysian cartoonist

It’s Spring time and  the flowers bloom at Araluen Botanic Park.

Caricature Malaysia

Malaysian Caricature
@what a way to make a living.

Bought me some souvenirs at Freemantle  and spare some pennies for my trip to Tokyo next week insyaallah. so till then Cheerio !

Don’s Travelogue: Gothenburg, Sweden

I was  at  Gotthenburg for The Scandinavian Tourism Exhibition (TUR).

Malaysia Caricature artisr
@Malaysian Pavillion TUR

It was freezing with temperature minus 4 degrees but I was greeted with a warm welcome to this  ” ABBA “ country Sweden.

I stayed at the Gothia Towers and soon strolled around this beautiful city.

Despite its cosmopolitan stamp,it still has a typical small-town charm.malaysian Caricaturist

Malaysian Caricature

I walked down Aveny, Gothenburg’s famous main street. and you could be forgiven for thinking you are in Paris or Rome.

Malaysia caricature

The Poseidon statue presides imposingly over Götaplatsen square.malaysian Caricaturist

Trams, canals and  17th-century buildings contribute to the city’s elegance.malaysian Artist

Kampung Luat

Parks such as Kungsparken surrounds the canal that circles the city centre.

Malaysian caricature
Home bound

I will cherished the sentimental moments in Sweden like the  fresh tulips I bought for my wife  at Amsterdam Holland. So till then ‘ vis ses senare ‘ .

Don’s Travelogue: Port El Kantoui, Tunisia



It was drizzling as we arrived at Port El Kantaoui, a holiday resort located 200km south of Tunis.


The resort’s centrepiece is an impressive marina that regularly harbours the yachts of the Mediterranean jet set.



For a purpose-designed resort, Port El Kantaoui has a well-rooted feel of picturesque..


peaceful..and tranquillity.


Port El Kantoui has also been described as “Sidi Bou Said” on water.


The harbour’s centrepoint  is surrounded by quays with contemporary boutiques, restaurants, souvenir shops and cafes.


So.. till my next posting …Bon voyage  !

Don’s Travelogue: Colosseum of Thysdrus,El Jem.

Bonjour!                                            Don

The sun is shining  brightly across the endless olive plantations from Tunis to El Jem, and through the shimering lights, I could see The Colosseum  rising in the distance like a Colossus.

and once inside I was greeted by jovial faces. Doubtless, the amphitheatre is imposing and well preserved and about the same size to that of the glamourousColosseum in Rome.

I sat on the marble steps imagining the gladiators fighting for their lives in the arena and hearing the  roar of Maximus! Maximus! Maximus !Malaysian Caricaturist

A walking distance from the Colosseum is the El Jem Museum which exhibit treasures of the ancient city of Thysdrus, now known as El Jem.Malaysian Caricature

The museum contains elements that belonged to the decoration of the city’s superb villas and public buildingsdon

and in particular the  mosaics scenes being  exhibit in the museum.donMalaysian Caricaturist

Wish I could spent the whole day exploring the fine details of  the masterpiece..well ..I have a couple more interesting places  to visit ..catch me at the Mediteranean Port  of El-Kantaoui.

Don’s Travelogue: Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

Malaysian Cartoonist

This lovely village is situated  on the  cliffs overlooking the Bay of Tunis.The town is clean with narrow alleys  aflame with Bougainvilleas.It was named after a holy man, Bou Said Halif El Bedgi.

malaysian Cartoonist

Upon his returned from Mecca, he settled in the village and preached the doctrine of Sufism.

malaysian Cartoonist

Baron Rodolph a European nobleman and artist, built an Anglo-Oriental mansion, which is still there today a museum.


The Baron convinced the bey to mandate that every house in the village be painted white and blue.


The village became a mecca for writers, artists and craftsmans.

malaysian Cartoon

Small shops offer antiques,unique handicrafts,lovely silver jewelry and decorative plates .

Malaysian Caricaturist

I bought some targines and souvinirs for my wife and friends.

malaysian caricatures

We explore every corners and alleys and at the very top of the street is the celebrated Café Nattes.

Malaysian Caricature

By the time we left, the streets were deserted. It was a sentimental visit to Sidi Bou Said with my friends Mr Husni  Director and  Mr Syamsul Marketing Manager  of  Tourism Malaysia Jeddah.  Wait for my next posting from the Roman Colosseum of El Jem.

Don’s Travelogue: Goldcoast to Sydney

kampung luat

The long journey from Goldcoast to Sydney was very memorable. We just Take it easy   driving across the vast countryside.                                    Kampung Luat  Lenggong Perak

We stopped at every opportunities of fantastic beaches and harbours.

Kampung Luat  Lenggong Perak

Driving afterdark on Pacific Highway was scarry.. too many truckies!

Kampung Luat  Lenggong Perak

We booked a sweet little cottage at Port Macquarie for two nights.

Caricature Artist Malaysia
The Boys @ Abbey Road Fort Macquarie

and walked all over town of Byron Bay, Woolgoolga, Coffs Harbour and Newcastle.

Kampung Luat  Lenggong Perak

and spent two nights at a beautiful town of Manly in Sydney!

Kampung Luat  Lenggong Perak

We were so enthralled seeing for the first time ..The Harbour Bridge

Kampung Luat  Lenggong Perak

and the distinctive iconic building of .. Opera House !

kampung Luat  Lenggong Perak

Enjoying a picnic with family overlooking the cool view of Sydney Cove

kampung Luat  Lenggong Perak

and strolled along the waterside of the Rock precint by the beach of Balmoral and into the vibrant city of Sydney . Its an unforgettable  vacation ..wait for my next posting from Tunisia. so till then ..have a nice day !

Don’s Travelogue: Tambourine Mountain, Queensland

malaysian Cartoon

We drove to one of the most splendid scenery of the Goldcoast hinterland and to the top of Tamborine Mountain.

malaysian Cartoon

The street in Eagle Heights is called Gallery Walks for some good reasons.

malaysian Cartoon

There are lots of vintage cottages, antiques shop and craft galleries.

malaysian Cartoon

Everything looks decorative  and even the toilets murals are artistic.

malaysian Cartoon

The climate is temperate and pleasants, its a good die to die.

malaysian Cartoon

Don’s Travelogue: The Isle Of Capri, Gold Coast, Australia

I was in Australia  last week  for a family vacation.malaysian cartoonist

We arrived  at Goldcoast on St Patrick’s Day.

Malaysia Cartoon

Cheers and laughters fills the bars and taverns in Surfers Paradise .
malaysia Cartoon

My Paradise is sipping hot nescafe  with Alisson Krauss. at  Isle Of Capri.

isle of capri
..and having Nasi lemak  for breakfast with family overlooking  Nerang River.nerang morning

We arranged our  itineraries online . It  was much cheaper to stay in a house  rather than a hotel and we can cooked too and that was the uppermost priority.malaysia Cartoon

We brought a special soap to samak the utensils and alhamdulillah  there was a mosque and a few halal fast food outlets such as Nando’s in Harbour Town,butchers in Ashmore,groceries inBrisbane  and even some halal Mc Donald’s outlets especially in Sydney.

malaysia Cartoon

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology  issued  warnings of  a Tropical Cyclone Ului  expected to strike  Queensland coast in a few days. The govermment preemptively declares a disaster situation.

Malaysian Caricaturist

The kids are a bit frustrated they couldn’t enjoy the waves, but still they have fun times in the pool.

malaysian Cartoon

and as for me .. I had my great moments too hehe.

Don’s Travelogue: Jeita Grotto, Beirut

kampung luat

I was so engrossed with my animation project and I just need to break away for awhile  and  through the Grapevine  I could  smell the fresh air and feels the misty breeze blowing softly over my face..kampung luat

I close my eyes and saw the sparkling clear water of the Mediterranean Sea.kampung luat

and I feels  so flamboyant flying over the  the Nahr al-Kalb valley .kampung luat

and a vivid memory lingers as I passed through the vines of wild berries.kampung luat

and beyond The Assyrian Arch to The New Wonders of the World .Jeita Grotto.malaysian Cartoon

Over the years, various conquerors have carved their presents into the wall of Jeita Grotto situated on Mount Lebanon in Beirut, including the Romans,the French,the British…kampung luat
and a Malaysian hehehe . . .     malaysian Cartoon

The view in the galleries of the Upper Grotto is overwhelming..The impressive lighting that accentuate the curves and crevices of this limestone cavern create a splendid ambience.malaysian Cartoon

the action of water in the limestone has created a spectacular cathedral-like vaults of stalactites and stalagmites .I just stood still, admiring the masterpiece and absorbing myself in the  wonders of His creations  Subhanallah fatabarokallahu ahsanulkhalikin !malaysian Cartoon

The Lower Grotto is smaller but equally impressive simply due to the fact that it has a river flowing through it.malaysian Cartoon

the ambience in the lower grotto feels as if the time stood calm peaceful ..zzzzzzzz

Don’s Travelogue: Berlin, Germany

malaysian cartoonist

Guten Tag!  Wie geht es Ihnen?  I feel good in this historic and amazing city BERLIN. 

malaysian Cartoon

Soon after my first excursion into the city I  rent  a bicycle from my hotel frontdesk for 15 Euros a day not bad uh? and  I guess thats  an excellent way to learn about the city of Berlin and  enjoy the unique and unparalled view into the history of Germany.

malaysian Cartoon

Soon I passed by the  remnant of  The Anhalter Bahnhof   along the Stressen Street  and suddenly I remember Hitler and his infamous Gestapos and SS armies and  the bizzare feelings  surrounds me while staring at the sad façade of this  former grandeur railway station which suffered devastating damage from Allied bombing during WWII . 

malaysian Cartoon

Berlin  is all about architecture featuring a mix of historic and modern buildings. Postdamer Platz  was once part of East Germany and today Postdamer Square is a  bustling area of modern architecture and international businesses. 

malaysian Cartoon

The golden statue of the Goddess Victory can be seen from all over the city and is one of Berlin’s most eye-catching landmarks.Since 1995, the Victory Column has been the epicentre of Berlin’s annual Love Parade , when hundreds of thousands of ravers gather in the Tiergarten to party in the name of love.

malaysian Cartoon

The magnificent Berliner Dom is the largest and most decorated church in Berlin. It is located on Museumsinsel, overlooking the sculptured lawns of the Lustgarten.  I just sat there on the grass for quite some times adniring this beautifully ornate domeand the surrounding buildings.

malaysian Cartoon

Mitte is one of the oldest districts in Berlin as well as the city center. Many of the most famous landmarks and attractions are to be found in this area. I passed through the Brandenburg Gate , the icon and a national symbol of Germany .

malaysian Cartoon

I  walked amongst the undulating stone slabs of  the  mysterious  Holocaust  Memorial  the monument to the Jewish victims of  the Third Reich,  located  near the buried remains of  Hitler’s Bunker. and a  grief  and  eerie feelings surrounds me.

malaysian Cartoon

Everywhere I looked around the city, its seem that the Jews have left some traces there, and out of the blues I remember a name, Theodor Herzl   the writer of  (Der Judenstaat ) . Suddenly right infront of my eyes, through the shimmering golden rays I saw the imposing Reichstag building. The Reichstag is the seat of the German Parliament and is one of Berlin’s most historical landmarks. 

malaysian Cartoon

Well its getting dark and the thing that I worried happened, I’m lost hahaha…… but the blessing is .. I stumbled upon  the famous  Checkpoint Charlie which was once one of the gates of the Berlin Wall. I bought some T shirts and souvenirs  for my kids. Auf Wiedersehen!  ( Good Bye ! )

Don’s Travelogue: London, United Kingdom

malaysian Cartoon

Impressive and Exquisite!  Thats what I can describe how unique and intresting  the city is. The feelings I get while strolling along the bank of River Thames overlooking London’s best known tourist landmarks, The Big Ben, House of Parliament and Palace of Westminster is just spectacular. I recalled the opening line of Charles Dicken’s novel A Tale Of Two Cities – ” It was the best of times”malaysian Cartoon

The weather was kind although a bit chilly  but I was  blessed with a beautiful day . I loved being able to walk across the glamourous Tower Bridge  enjoying the view of The River Thames and seeing Westminster in the distance.                                       malaysian Cartoon

Another Britain great terrorist attraction .. opps!  I mean tourist attraction is Trafalgar Square. I massage my soring feet  at the fountain near Nelson’s Column  while  admiring the architectural buildings surrounding the square including The National Gallery, St Martin in the Fields  and The Buckhingham Palace which provide a glimpse into the time when the sun never set on the British Empire.malaysian Cartoon

The National Gallery houses one of the largest art collections in the world. The permanent collections are works  on artists from mostly  Western Europe  including Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Monet . As an artist I’m overwhelm but pity visitors are not allowed to snap photos inside the gallery.malaysian Cartoon

A distance away, stands one of London’s most recognizable  landmarks, The Buckingham Palace . Like the Paparazzi I was busy taking pictures of  the majestic palace  from all directions and suddenly I remember  Princess Diana and  the song by Elton John  ” Candle In The Wind ”   blowing softly in my ears.malaysian Cartoon

London is the ultimate shopping destination. Oxford Circus is one of the busiest  and vibrant place with many exclusive flagship stores of UK chains but the price tags are  jaw dropping especially with the currency exchange of Malaysian Ringgit to Pound Sterling.malaysian Cartoon

I was at The National History Museum  the other day and I was kind of stunt  looking at this humungous  skeleton of Dinosaur  Apatosaurus formerly  known as Brontosaurus  being exhibit there.  I’m not a paleontologists  but  a little fascinated with prehistoric animals and have been doing my own  research on their evolution  and existence.malaysian Cartoon

Quite a distance from the museum is the  magnificent Victorian elliptical hall.  The glamourous Royal Albert Hall  is now the venue for a variety of events, including pop concerts from Malaysian very own pop diva , Siti Norhaliza.                                   malaysian Cartoon

My apartment situated  near Marble Arch  at the western end of Oxford Street  is  just a  short walk to the beautiful and loveable  Hyde Park.   At  the famous Speakers Corner  I was indulge in watching the banter between speakers who just turn up with a box and spout forth on any topic they choose. It reminds me of our parliament sessions  back home lately haha.malaysian Cartoon

No doubt that London is a pretty city but the Londoners are much prettier. The  visitors who  queue  patiently at my booth  for their faces to be drawn during our five  days exhibition are mostly gorgeous and lovely.Kartunis Malaysia

Well I have done my time and  I have  to ” Get Back ” to where I belong so till then enjoy this piece from London most acclaimed  band The Beatles.  malaysian Cartoon

Click here for  the host webpage  beatles-caricature with the image in its original context

Don’s Travel Log: Valleys of the Sceanic Rim, Boonah,Aratulla and Kalbar

kartunis Don

Keith Urban’s  ” Who wouldn’t Wanna Be Me”  just keep rolling as I exit the Cunningham Highway and to the vast country side                 Kartunis Don

to the Valleys of the Sceanic Rim  of this beautiful town  called  Boonah.kartunis Don

I bought some fresh produces and collectibles from local stalls and art gallery.kartunis Don

The drive around Boonah is a scenic pleasure country roads with classic  homes.Malaysian cartoonist

Lovers of the great outdoors can escape the stress of the city in this idyllic setting  watching birds and kanggaroos until the sun set on the horizon.                                                                                   malaysian Cartoon

I woke up early  and having my hot coffee  at  Sunrise is just a blessingkartunis Don

I drove to a little village of Kalbar  with magnificent views of the Scenic Rim .kartunis Don

Kalbar has a rich German history which is reflected in many historic sites around town which  offers shopping facilities, hotel, historical churches and gardens.                                            malaysian Cartoon

Attractions of Kalbar include heritage listed buildings of the Wiss Emporium (above ) and Wiss House, cafes and art galleries.                        Malaysian Caricaturist

Think I had enough of the country sides, I’m heading back to the beach of Surfers Paradise . Till then, enjoy this piece ‘Better Life”  Cheers!

Don’s Travel Log: Brisbane, Australia

malaysian Caricaturist

Brisbane is the capital of the Sunshine State of Queensland.malaysian Caricaturist

The city lies in the heart of one of the most diverse and popular holiday regions in Australia about an hour drive north of GoldCoast.        kartunis Don

Young and vibrant, Brisbane is Australia’s Most Lovable City.  It offers the perfect lifestyle and it doesn’t take visitors like me long to understand why. malaysian Caricaturist

The city lies on the banks of the serpentine Brisbane River – a colourful waterway for ferries, paddlewheelers and pleasure boats.                   malaysian Cartoon

The gleaming towers that define the city skyline, reflect her heritage buildings that  have been lovingly restored, giving Brisbane its unique character.malaysian Cartoonmalaysian Cartoon

A stroll to downtown Brisbane  make me realise how beautiful a city can be.malaysian CartoonMalaysian Caricature

The sculptures are everywhere and the unique combination  blend seamlessly  with a healthy respect for tradition.                                      malaysian Caricature

Brisbane owes its popularity primarily to its lush green gardens and parks that entertain its visitors with their innumerable recreational facilities.malaysian Cartoon

Pristine, colourful and  inviting,these are all accurate descriptions of  the city.malaysian Cartoon

I just couldn’t resist the boat cruise  and the big wheels of  the Kookaburra River Queen just keeps rolling as CCR’s ‘Proud Mary’  keeps spinning .

malaysian Cartoon
I could see the whole panorama and the  picturesque city  skyline.malaysian Cartoon
What a fantastic way to spend an evening  in Brisbane!

Don’s Travel Log: Surfers Paradise,Gold Coast

malaysian Cartoon

Hi  guys!  I’m  now in Paradise! Surfers Paradise!malaysian Cartoon

What  a wonderful sights. Subhanallah fatabarokallahu ahsanulkhalikin!malaysian Cartoon

I woke up to the sound of  thundering wave  and the glorious sunrise on the horizon of  the Gold Coast shoreline at Surfers Paradise. malaysian Cartoon

Surfers Paradise  is a heaven for surfers and  the Quiksilver Pro .malaysian Cartoon

It is indisputably Australia’s most popular holiday destination.
malaysian Cartoon

The sub-tropical climate is ideal for  leisure activities all year round. malaysian Cartoon

Goldcoast is famous for its Theme Parks, Movie World,Dream World and Sea World  which offer  great entertainment for  all ages.
malaysian Cartoon

Surfers Paradise offers many  souvenirs shops  and  live music venues.malaysian Cartoon

In addition to the vibrant downtown  and the Entertainment  Centres.
malaysian Cartoon

Well mate, till then have a great  day. Cheers and no worries. Bye !

Don’s Travel Log: Casablanca, Morocco

malaysian Caricature

Bonjour! Sa Va Bien ?  I was in Casablanca and Marakesh  for the Moroccan Travel Market Salon International des Professionels Tourisme.malaysian Caricature

Morocco is especially renowned for its Erotic tales of  the famous Humprey Bogart and Igrid Bergman romantic movie Casablanca.  malaysian Caricature

Morocco has a diverse landscape, Atlantic coast, Rif Mountain in the North,the Atlas Mountain in the middle and the dessert in the South.                                                                                                malaysian Cartoon

 The  journey from Casablanca to Marakesh was splendid views across vast plainland  of olive and varieties of  plantations.                                malaysian Cartoon

Marrakesh is a beautiful garden city. All over town the landscaping are well kept with colourful flowers , olive  and bright orange trees.           malaysian Cartoon

Marrakesh still remains Exotic and Vibrant !.malaysian Cartoon

Something has never changed! The Djemma El Fana and the area around remains the beating heart of the city and the greatest  Souq in the South.malaysian Cartoonmalaysian Cartoon

It was raining all day  but we still have time to taste the local delicacies, the grill lamb and the hot Marakesh mint tea at the famous Djemaa El Fana stalls.   malaysian Cartoon

Well, thanks to the technology, the Skype and the WiFi,  the world seems closer and you could be in touch with your loves one back home for free. Malaysian Caricature

I received  a portrait of me drawn by a dear friend if mine , Mr Husni.I will cherished this sentimental gift and treasured the moments in Morocco .  Salut!

Don’s Travel Log: Salahuddin Al Ayoubi’s tomb,Syria

malaysian Caricature

malaysian Caricature

Last night I watched America’s Funniest Home Video, I mean America’s Got Talent. The participant are so talented and some are quite funny too.

Well, enough of that, now I want to share my experienced in Syria. I visited the Tomb of Salahuddin Al Ayoubi or better known as Saladin, The Great Arabian Knight who fought the Invaders , I mean the Crusaders. What am I thinking here !

kartunis Don

Adjacent to Saladin’s Tomb is the beautiful Omayyad Mosque with a large courtyard.

kampung luat

One of the minarets is known as ‘Isa Minaret’. It is believed by the locals that when Jesus or Prophet Isa comes back, he would be descending down through this minaret. Well, I don’t know.

kampung luat

The mosque was also known as ‘John the Baptist Church’ for it contains the Tomb of John the Baptist or Makam Nabi Allah Yahya.

kampung luat

The mosque was built to contain the ‘Makam’ during the reign of Caliph Al-Waleed in 710 AD.

kampung luat

Don’s Travel Log: Damascus Gate

malaysia Cartoonmalaysia Cartoon

In the afternoon, we had hot Syrian blended coffee and delicious mint flavoured fruit juice at Damascus Gate, ‘ The World’s Biggest Restaurant’ since it was officially listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.malaysia Cartoon

The ambience is definately unique, with the exterior crafted classic Syrian architectures and delicately painted design at every corner of the interior walls and ceilings.malaysian Caricature

While we are having our drinks, there was this artist who minggle around from table to table, sketching peoples. Our friend Mr. Shamsul couldn’t resist for his portrait drawn.

Don’s Travel Log: Tomb Of Habil,Zabadani Damshik

kampung luatmalaysian Caricature

DAMASCUS is The Oldest Capital City In The World !. Its local name is DAMSHIK. From the word ‘DAM’ meaning ” Blood” and ‘ SHIK’ meaning ” The Valley where the blood flowed”.

Damascus is situated in ” The Valley” surrounded by the QASIMUN Mountains where it was alleged that HABIL ( Abel), son of Prophet Adam a.s, was murdered by his elder brother, QABIL ( Caine) . Qasimun means ‘ harsh’. This is where the first crime being commited by mankind. The ‘ Blood’ flowed down to the valley where Damshik is situatedkampung luat

We traveled to Qalamun mountain at a place called Zabadani about 45 km north of Damascus. This was the place where Qabil buried his brother Habil as shown to him by the example of the crows.kampung luat

At present , The tomb of Habil is being looked after by a group of people belonging to the ‘DRUZE’, a sect from the Shiah.                                    kampung luat

Wait for my next posting from the Tomb of Salahuddin Al Ayubi. ( One of the Great Muslim Warriors) – Don

Don’s Travel Log: Tomb Of Prophet Ayoub, Dera’a

malaysian Cartoon

malaysian Cartoon

Salam! I was in Damascus Syria and to the historical land of the Prophets, the Imams and the Great Muslim Warriors.

kampung luat

We traveled to the old city of Bosra ( Busra Ash Sham ) about 140 km south from Damascus. Along the way I saw vast Olive Plantation on the rich fertile land of Huran plain littered with black basalt.

kampung luat

About half way to Bosra, we stopped at a small town of Nawa, the birth place of the great Al-Imam Abu Zakaria Yahya Syarafuddin An -Nawawi Ad-Dimashqi. Our friend, Ustaz Nor who travel with us, explain, Imam Nawawi was born on Muharram 631Hjrh. and since his early age the Imam had endless thirst for knowledge. Allah had also confered upon him the gift of fast memorisation and depth of thought. He is the authour of the famous Kitabs, Al-Majmu’, Riyadus Salihin and Matan Arba’in An-Nawawiyah.

kampung luat

Imam Nawawi led a life of singular piety, righteousness and simplicity. After over 20 years, he returned to his hometown. Soon after his arrival at Nawa, he fell ill and died in 676 A.H.

malaysian Cartoon

Then we move on to Dera’a and Ustaz Nor recalled us to one of the most fascinating stories narrated in the Quran as patience and adversity are concerned. It is famous to an extent that it became an example of patience and endurance.

kampung luat

It’s the story of Prophet Ayoub who lived about ninety years as a preacher who gave warning, obeying and worshiping Allah who granted him Wealth and Posperity.

malaysian Cartoon

Almighty Allah instructed in the Quran: “Remember Our slave Ayoub, when he invoked His Lord saying: “Verily! Satan has touched me with distress (by losing my health) and torment (by losing my wealth)!” Allah said to him: “Strike the ground with your foot: This is a spring of water to wash in and cool and a refreshing drink.” And We gave him back his family, and along with them the like thereof as a Mercy from Us, and a reminder for those who understand.(38:41-43)

kampung luat

malaysian Cartoon

Soon we reached an old city of Bosra, the first Nabataean city in the 2nd century BC. The Romans took an active interest in the city, and at time of Emperor Trajan it was made the capital of the Province of Arabia (in 106 BC) and was called Neatrajana Bustra.

kampung luat

Bosra is famous for its impressive and beautiful Roman theatre. The Bosra Castle houses the second largest amphitheatre in the world, second to the Colloseum in Rome. It was captured by Salahuddin Al Ayubi ( Saladin ) in the 11th Century and he built a fortress around it.

kampung luat

Bosra was also linked to the rise of Islam, when a Nestorian monk called Bahira met the young Muhammad ( saw ) and predicted his prophetic vocation and the faith he was going to initiate.

Ustaz Nor narrated that one day, Abu Talib ( Prophet Muhammad’s uncle ) decided that Muhammad should travel with him to Syria and after many days, they reached the edge of the city of Bosra.

Kampung Luat  Lenggong Perak

Through the shimmering heat, Bahira the monk saw a caravan approaching. Above it hovered a solitary cloud. It seemed that the cloud was shielding someone from the sun. Bahira watched as the caravan drew nearer and stopped beneath a grove of trees. As soon as everyone was in the shade the cloud disappeared.

kampung Luat  Lenggong Perak

Bahira went to greet the merchants and invited them to join him for a meal. He knew that there was someone very important with them–for what else could the cloud mean? He asked them questions about themselves, but he could not get the answers he wanted. At last he said: “Is all of your group here?” “No,” replied Abu Talib. “My nephew is minding the camels. He’s very young, so we didn’t bring him.” ” Please Let me talk to him,” said Bahira.

kampung Luat  Lenggong Perak

Bahira questioned the child closely, He became sure that Muhammad was the Prophet he was waiting for. He tried one last test. In this, he asked the child to swear by the idol-gods of Makkah, Latta, and Uzza. Muhammad refused.

Bahira spoke at once to Abu Talib: “This child is destined for greatness,” he said. “Take him back to your country and look after him well.”

kampung Luat  Lenggong Perak
Soon, Abu Talib took his nephew back to Makkah, and looked after the boy until he grew up.

kampung Luat  Lenggong Perak

Before heading back to Damascus, we had a great meal at at a restaurant near the Amphitheater.


kampung luat

I was in Guangzhou and Foshan recently.Formally known as Canton

Don Kampung Luat

Guangzhou  is located  on Pearl River about 100km north of Hong Kong.

kampung luat

For the first jaunt into Guangzhou I headed down to the metro

Kampung Luat

and traveled all over downtown.

guangzhou china

kampung luat

kampung luat

guangzhou china

Feels like walking along Jalan Alur. Wait for my posting from Moscow Insyaallah.

Don’s Travel Log: Saigon

caricature malaysia

Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) is the place to discover if you don’t already know it.caricature malaysia

I was there recently for some  heart touching ..caricature malaysia

and  art  searching experience.caricature malaysia

The art scene, in fact, is among the most active in asia. There are galleries everywhere with artists working all day— right there on the street—to reproduce masterpieces.Malaysian caricature

Till we meet in Guangzhou insyaallah … chao tam biet ( Goodbye )

Don’s Travel Log: The Crusader’s Sea Castle,Sidon

malaysian Cartoon

malaysian Cartoon

I had an opportunity to visit another famous Phonecian city, Sidon situated 50 km south of Beirut . The Crusader’s Sea Castle is the most prominent landmark of the medieval remnants as we approach the city . A few remains of this ancient city has survived for its past has been tragically scattered and plundered. I was informed that few centuries ago, Treasure hunters and amateur Archaeologists made off with many of its most beautiful and precious artifacts some of which can now be seen in foreign museums.

malaysian Cartoon

Not far from the Sea Castle is the picturesque old vaulted Souk. Unfortunately we went there on Friday, most of the shops were closed. But still, walking through the Medieval passages in the souk gave me the feeling of traveling in a totally different place in time! Luckily a few traders open their shop selling souvenirs , fruits and variety of local sweets. The particular specialty of Sidon in known as ” Saniors” a very delicious crumbly cake that melts in your mouth emm. On the edges of the souk there are traditional coffee houses , where male clientele gather to smoke Shisha and drink Turkish coffee.

malaysian Cartoon

Towards the south of the Souk is Khan El Franj, a traditionally large rectangular courtyard, surrounded by covered galleries. In the 19th century, Sidon’s khan housed the French consulate, a convent, an inn and small museum displaying local artifacts.

Malaysian Caricature

Situated close by the seashore and south of the souk is the Great Mosque of Al Omari.

You have my permission to copy the above sketches provided to give credits to – Don.

Don’s Travel Log: Beirut, Lebanon

malaysian Artist

I was in Beirut Lebanon with for the  A W T T E  ( Arab World Travel and Tourism Exchange ).Beirut was not as what I had imagined. I’m so suprised of the drastic changes. The Downtown has emerge as Beirut’s most fashionable and desireable neighbourhood, with gloriously restored French Mandate-ers buildings, world -class restaurants.

malaysian Artist

Life and the vibrant social scene has returned to the former ” Pearl of the Middle East” and once again an exquisite experience, perched on a breathtaking sweep of the Mediterranean coastline.

malaysian Artist
Besides taking photos of this beautiful city, I just can’t resist myself to sketch on the spot and capture a more exquisite and sentimental details while exploring downtown Beirut and the surrounding neighborhoods including the Corniche by the seaside promenade, the waterfront boulevard with magnificent view of the Mediterranean.

malaysian Artist

You have my permission to copy the above sketches provided to give credits to – Don.

Don’s Travelogue: Singapore

Caricature Malaysia

Hi..I just came back from a family vacation in Singapore

Caricature Malaysia

No doubt this Kiasu state is clean and vibrant.

Caricature Malaysia

It has undisputedly transformed into a stunning methapor  of a diverse culture.

Caricature Malaysia

Yeah..John Lennon was right and as for me Happiness is..

Caricature Malaysia

.. enjoying cool ice nescafe while admiring the art of life in their unique perspective.

Caricature Malaysia

I strolled along the Haji Lane in Arab Street which lead up to the Grand Sultan’s Mosque.

Caricature Malaysia

Universal Studios is must thing to do while visiting Singapore.

Caricature Malaysia

Situated on Sentosa Island, it has great rides based on movie themes.

Caricature Malaysia

The Jurasic Park and Sci Fi areas are great fun.

Caricature Malaysia

Caricature Malaysia

We ended up leaving the park at around 9pm feeling fulfilled and extremely tired!

Caricature Artist Malaysia

Till my next is a kiasu quote for you to ponder

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”-Mark Twain

Don’s Travelogue: Lenggong Valley

Life  is good today. Alhamdulillah.

kampung luat

Last week  we were on a trip mission for rebranding Lenggong Valley  as a new tourist destination.

Lembah Lenggong

This little  haven surounded by the Majestic  Titiwangsa Mountain Ranges was listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

Lata Kekabu Lembah Lenggong

It was a nostalgic trip to my hometown called Kampung Luat and my childhood memories  lingers ..

Kampung Luat  Lenggong Perak

as I captured  those moment frame by frame .

Kampung Luat  Lenggong Perak

I could still recalled  vividly  almost everything  I  encounter with my chilhood buddies.

Kampung Luat  Lenggong Perak

Kampung Luat  Lenggong Perak

and those precious moments will forever be cherished in my heart.

Sungai Perak

The scenic  Sungai Perak is always mesmerising and  full of sweet memories.. .

Kampung Luat  Lenggong Perak

Hey ! its good to be back home .

Don’s Travelogue: Riyadh-Jeddah-Mecca

Malaysia caricature

I was in Riyadh recently with Tourism Malaysia Jeddah for the Riyadh Travel Fair 2013.

Caricature Artist Malaysia

It was a memorable and successful four days event  in the blazing Saudi’s weather.




Photo session with HE Prof. Datuk Syed Omar Al Saggaf, Malaysian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Mr ambassador treated us to the best restaurant in Riyadh, The Cabrito famous for it’s authentic grilled lamb Kabsa.

Malaysia caricature

We had a pleasant stay in Riyadh and the accommodation was avant-garde.


But then..nothing compare to this breathtaking sight that I have been longing for..


Labbaikallahumma Labbaik..


Labbaika Laa Syarikalaka Labbaik..


Innalhamda Wan Ni’mata..Laka Wal Mulk..Laa Syarikalak.


Subhanallah Walhamdulillah Walailahaillallah Wallahu Akbar!


Alhamdulillah, completed my umrah with mutawwif Hj.Abdul Ghani at Marwah after tahalul.



Till my next posting insyaallah..syukran to Mr Shamshul Al Yafie, Mr Ahmad Al Jahsyi and Mr Zulhelmi of  Tourism Malaysia Jeddah for their kindness..may Allah blessed you guys always!

Don’s Travelogue: Hong Kong


Neih hou ma? I was in Hong Kong recently  with Finas delegation..


..attending the 17th Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (FILMART) held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.


It was  a market event of the film and TV industry organized by Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC).


The objectives is to promote Hong Kong as the regional hub for distribution and production of film, TV programs and entertainment-related products in Asia pacific and also to promote cross-media and cross-businesses partnerships.


Many major exhibits including, distribution, production and acquisition of film, TV programmes, animation,  digital entertainment and games, terrestrial TV ,cable TV , pay TV and satellite broadcasting companies.


There were also seminars on Entertainment licensing, Co-production and shooting locations.


Harbour Bridge
My sons Tasnim & Tarmizi

It was a hectic four days event  but still theres time for sightseeing.


Hong Kong has an excellent public transport network including Ferries,Trams, Subway MTR and  it’s very easy to get around.


A journey to Hong Kong is not complete without experiencing Victoria Peak.


From the Vantage Point on Sky Terrace, I experienced a spectacular cityscapes and the  evening panorama melts into pink and orange before reincarnating as a dazzling galaxy of light, shimmering beneath.


I flew home with good feelings and potential business opportunities.


Until my next posting, take it easy and enjoy my animation showreels DanDenDon and Apak  at  KLIA TV.

Don’s Travelogue: Istanbul

caricature-cbb 25

Marhaba, I was in Istanbul for the East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Fair

caricature-cbb 48

Istanbul embraces two continents, one arm reaching out to Asia and the other to Europe.

caricature-cbb 42

Through the city’s heart,the Bosphorus courses the waters of  the Black Sea and Sea of Marmara.

caricature-cbb 35

Istanbul or formerly known as Constantinople was the former capital of three successive empires,

caricature-cbb 38

The Roman ,The Byzantine

caricature-cbb 30

and The Ottoman

caricature-cbb 39

and today Istanbul honors the legacy of its past.

caricature-cbb 34

Indeed, it is Istanbul’s variety that fascinates its visitors.

caricature-cbb 26

The Museums,Palaces, Great Mosques, Bazaars and Sights of natural beauty seem inexhaustible.

caricature-cbb 41

As I reclined on the bank of Ortakoy overlooking the great Golden Horn at sunset ..

caricature-cbb 24

.. with spectacular sight contemplating the red twilight reflected  from Straits Of Bosphorous.

caricature-cbb 44

At times such as these,you feel that Istanbul is truly one of the most glorious cities in the world.

caricature-cbb 36

The architecture and history are almost incredible and overwhelming as there is so much to see.

caricature-cbb 27

The magnificient  Dolmabahce Palace situated on the European shore of the Bosphorus..

caricature-cbb 28

… was the last residence of Mustafa Kamal Ataturk, founder of the Modern Turkish Republic.

caricature-cbb 31

Many of Istanbul’s historical gems, mostly consisting of Ottoman monuments are in Old City.

caricature-cbb 43

Most are located a short walk away from,if not immediately on the edges of Sultanahmet Square.

caricature-cbb 51

The supremely elegant Blue Mosque  was  the most beautiful of all imperial mosques in Istanbul.

caricature-cbb 45

lt was built in 1550 by Sinan, a renowned architect of the Ottoman golden age.

caricature-cbb 46

Haghia Sophia which means “Divine Wisdom” is unquestionably  the finest buildings of all time.

caricature-cbb 37

It was built by Constantine the Great .

caricature-cbb 40

I couldn’t resist to touch the Byzantine mosaics and absorb the building’s majestic serenity.

caricature-cbb 47

Nearby is Topkapi Palace which covers an area as large as Monaco.

caricature-cbb 49

The Ottomans occupied this palace for over 400 years, later  Ataturk turned this into a museum.

caricature-cbb 33

A must visit is The Grand Bazaar which has more than fifteen gates and it’s easy to get lost.


caricature-cbb 52

Wait for my next posting from Praque and Riyadh insyaallah..till then got to leave a water mark.