Don’s Travelogue: Colosseum of Thysdrus,El Jem.

Bonjour!                                            Don

The sun is shining  brightly across the endless olive plantations from Tunis to El Jem, and through the shimering lights, I could see The Colosseum  rising in the distance like a Colossus.

and once inside I was greeted by jovial faces. Doubtless, the amphitheatre is imposing and well preserved and about the same size to that of the glamourousColosseum in Rome.

I sat on the marble steps imagining the gladiators fighting for their lives in the arena and hearing the  roar of Maximus! Maximus! Maximus !Malaysian Caricaturist

A walking distance from the Colosseum is the El Jem Museum which exhibit treasures of the ancient city of Thysdrus, now known as El Jem.Malaysian Caricature

The museum contains elements that belonged to the decoration of the city’s superb villas and public buildingsdon

and in particular the  mosaics scenes being  exhibit in the museum.donMalaysian Caricaturist

Wish I could spent the whole day exploring the fine details of  the masterpiece..well ..I have a couple more interesting places  to visit ..catch me at the Mediteranean Port  of El-Kantaoui.


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