Don’s Travelogue: Singapore

Caricature Malaysia

Hi..I just came back from a family vacation in Singapore

Caricature Malaysia

No doubt this Kiasu state is clean and vibrant.

Caricature Malaysia

It has undisputedly transformed into a stunning methapor  of a diverse culture.

Caricature Malaysia

Yeah..John Lennon was right and as for me Happiness is..

Caricature Malaysia

.. enjoying cool ice nescafe while admiring the art of life in their unique perspective.

Caricature Malaysia

I strolled along the Haji Lane in Arab Street which lead up to the Grand Sultan’s Mosque.

Caricature Malaysia

Universal Studios is must thing to do while visiting Singapore.

Caricature Malaysia

Situated on Sentosa Island, it has great rides based on movie themes.

Caricature Malaysia

The Jurasic Park and Sci Fi areas are great fun.

Caricature Malaysia

Caricature Malaysia

We ended up leaving the park at around 9pm feeling fulfilled and extremely tired!

Caricature Artist Malaysia

Till my next is a kiasu quote for you to ponder

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”-Mark Twain


Don’s Travelogue: Lenggong Valley

Life  is good today. Alhamdulillah.

kampung luat

Last week  we were on a trip mission for rebranding Lenggong Valley  as a new tourist destination.

Lembah Lenggong

This little  haven surounded by the Majestic  Titiwangsa Mountain Ranges was listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

Lata Kekabu Lembah Lenggong

It was a nostalgic trip to my hometown called Kampung Luat and my childhood memories  lingers ..

Kampung Luat  Lenggong Perak

as I captured  those moment frame by frame .

Kampung Luat  Lenggong Perak

I could still recalled  vividly  almost everything  I  encounter with my chilhood buddies.

Kampung Luat  Lenggong Perak

Kampung Luat  Lenggong Perak

and those precious moments will forever be cherished in my heart.

Sungai Perak

The scenic  Sungai Perak is always mesmerising and  full of sweet memories.. .

Kampung Luat  Lenggong Perak

Hey ! its good to be back home .

Don’s Travelogue: Riyadh-Jeddah-Mecca

Malaysia caricature

I was in Riyadh recently with Tourism Malaysia Jeddah for the Riyadh Travel Fair 2013.

Caricature Artist Malaysia

It was a memorable and successful four days event  in the blazing Saudi’s weather.




Photo session with HE Prof. Datuk Syed Omar Al Saggaf, Malaysian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Mr ambassador treated us to the best restaurant in Riyadh, The Cabrito famous for it’s authentic grilled lamb Kabsa.

Malaysia caricature

We had a pleasant stay in Riyadh and the accommodation was avant-garde.


But then..nothing compare to this breathtaking sight that I have been longing for..


Labbaikallahumma Labbaik..


Labbaika Laa Syarikalaka Labbaik..


Innalhamda Wan Ni’mata..Laka Wal Mulk..Laa Syarikalak.


Subhanallah Walhamdulillah Walailahaillallah Wallahu Akbar!


Alhamdulillah, completed my umrah with mutawwif Hj.Abdul Ghani at Marwah after tahalul.



Till my next posting insyaallah..syukran to Mr Shamshul Al Yafie, Mr Ahmad Al Jahsyi and Mr Zulhelmi of  Tourism Malaysia Jeddah for their kindness..may Allah blessed you guys always!

Don’s Travelogue: Hong Kong


Neih hou ma? I was in Hong Kong recently  with Finas delegation..


..attending the 17th Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (FILMART) held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.


It was  a market event of the film and TV industry organized by Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC).


The objectives is to promote Hong Kong as the regional hub for distribution and production of film, TV programs and entertainment-related products in Asia pacific and also to promote cross-media and cross-businesses partnerships.


Many major exhibits including, distribution, production and acquisition of film, TV programmes, animation,  digital entertainment and games, terrestrial TV ,cable TV , pay TV and satellite broadcasting companies.


There were also seminars on Entertainment licensing, Co-production and shooting locations.


Harbour Bridge
My sons Tasnim & Tarmizi

It was a hectic four days event  but still theres time for sightseeing.


Hong Kong has an excellent public transport network including Ferries,Trams, Subway MTR and  it’s very easy to get around.


A journey to Hong Kong is not complete without experiencing Victoria Peak.


From the Vantage Point on Sky Terrace, I experienced a spectacular cityscapes and the  evening panorama melts into pink and orange before reincarnating as a dazzling galaxy of light, shimmering beneath.


I flew home with good feelings and potential business opportunities.


Until my next posting, take it easy and enjoy my animation showreels DanDenDon and Apak  at  KLIA TV.

Don’s Travelogue: Istanbul

caricature-cbb 25

Marhaba, I was in Istanbul for the East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Fair

caricature-cbb 48

Istanbul embraces two continents, one arm reaching out to Asia and the other to Europe.

caricature-cbb 42

Through the city’s heart,the Bosphorus courses the waters of  the Black Sea and Sea of Marmara.

caricature-cbb 35

Istanbul or formerly known as Constantinople was the former capital of three successive empires,

caricature-cbb 38

The Roman ,The Byzantine

caricature-cbb 30

and The Ottoman

caricature-cbb 39

and today Istanbul honors the legacy of its past.

caricature-cbb 34

Indeed, it is Istanbul’s variety that fascinates its visitors.

caricature-cbb 26

The Museums,Palaces, Great Mosques, Bazaars and Sights of natural beauty seem inexhaustible.

caricature-cbb 41

As I reclined on the bank of Ortakoy overlooking the great Golden Horn at sunset ..

caricature-cbb 24

.. with spectacular sight contemplating the red twilight reflected  from Straits Of Bosphorous.

caricature-cbb 44

At times such as these,you feel that Istanbul is truly one of the most glorious cities in the world.

caricature-cbb 36

The architecture and history are almost incredible and overwhelming as there is so much to see.

caricature-cbb 27

The magnificient  Dolmabahce Palace situated on the European shore of the Bosphorus..

caricature-cbb 28

… was the last residence of Mustafa Kamal Ataturk, founder of the Modern Turkish Republic.

caricature-cbb 31

Many of Istanbul’s historical gems, mostly consisting of Ottoman monuments are in Old City.

caricature-cbb 43

Most are located a short walk away from,if not immediately on the edges of Sultanahmet Square.

caricature-cbb 51

The supremely elegant Blue Mosque  was  the most beautiful of all imperial mosques in Istanbul.

caricature-cbb 45

lt was built in 1550 by Sinan, a renowned architect of the Ottoman golden age.

caricature-cbb 46

Haghia Sophia which means “Divine Wisdom” is unquestionably  the finest buildings of all time.

caricature-cbb 37

It was built by Constantine the Great .

caricature-cbb 40

I couldn’t resist to touch the Byzantine mosaics and absorb the building’s majestic serenity.

caricature-cbb 47

Nearby is Topkapi Palace which covers an area as large as Monaco.

caricature-cbb 49

The Ottomans occupied this palace for over 400 years, later  Ataturk turned this into a museum.

caricature-cbb 33

A must visit is The Grand Bazaar which has more than fifteen gates and it’s easy to get lost.


caricature-cbb 52

Wait for my next posting from Praque and Riyadh insyaallah..till then got to leave a water mark.