Don’s Travel Log: Beirut, Lebanon

malaysian Artist

I was in Beirut Lebanon with for the  A W T T E  ( Arab World Travel and Tourism Exchange ).Beirut was not as what I had imagined. I’m so suprised of the drastic changes. The Downtown has emerge as Beirut’s most fashionable and desireable neighbourhood, with gloriously restored French Mandate-ers buildings, world -class restaurants.

malaysian Artist

Life and the vibrant social scene has returned to the former ” Pearl of the Middle East” and once again an exquisite experience, perched on a breathtaking sweep of the Mediterranean coastline.

malaysian Artist
Besides taking photos of this beautiful city, I just can’t resist myself to sketch on the spot and capture a more exquisite and sentimental details while exploring downtown Beirut and the surrounding neighborhoods including the Corniche by the seaside promenade, the waterfront boulevard with magnificent view of the Mediterranean.

malaysian Artist

You have my permission to copy the above sketches provided to give credits to – Don.


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