Don’s Travelogue: Port El Kantoui, Tunisia



It was drizzling as we arrived at Port El Kantaoui, a holiday resort located 200km south of Tunis.


The resort’s centrepiece is an impressive marina that regularly harbours the yachts of the Mediterranean jet set.



For a purpose-designed resort, Port El Kantaoui has a well-rooted feel of picturesque..


peaceful..and tranquillity.


Port El Kantoui has also been described as “Sidi Bou Said” on water.


The harbour’s centrepoint  is surrounded by quays with contemporary boutiques, restaurants, souvenir shops and cafes.


So.. till my next posting …Bon voyage  !


2 thoughts on “Don’s Travelogue: Port El Kantoui, Tunisia

  1. SEJUJURNYA agak teruja dengan pelawaan bekas pemuda bani tamim ini mengeteh…tapi mungkin hanya di Kuala Lumpur bukan di Moroko?

    -Harap tak TERKANTOI DI port el KANTaOui!

    p/s: no. phone dah hilang!

    1. No aku hilang kaa..hang dah pi delete kottt…tak patut betoi pak syeikh ni….pi hong kong dengan bini nampak …sejuk sejuk tu jangan AL TERKANTOI dah le hehe..

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