Don’s Travelogue: The Isle Of Capri, Gold Coast, Australia

I was in Australia  last week  for a family vacation.malaysian cartoonist

We arrived  at Goldcoast on St Patrick’s Day.

Malaysia Cartoon

Cheers and laughters fills the bars and taverns in Surfers Paradise .
malaysia Cartoon

My Paradise is sipping hot nescafe  with Alisson Krauss. at  Isle Of Capri.

isle of capri
..and having Nasi lemak  for breakfast with family overlooking  Nerang River.nerang morning

We arranged our  itineraries online . It  was much cheaper to stay in a house  rather than a hotel and we can cooked too and that was the uppermost priority.malaysia Cartoon

We brought a special soap to samak the utensils and alhamdulillah  there was a mosque and a few halal fast food outlets such as Nando’s in Harbour Town,butchers in Ashmore,groceries inBrisbane  and even some halal Mc Donald’s outlets especially in Sydney.

malaysia Cartoon

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology  issued  warnings of  a Tropical Cyclone Ului  expected to strike  Queensland coast in a few days. The govermment preemptively declares a disaster situation.

Malaysian Caricaturist

The kids are a bit frustrated they couldn’t enjoy the waves, but still they have fun times in the pool.

malaysian Cartoon

and as for me .. I had my great moments too hehe.


2 thoughts on “Don’s Travelogue: The Isle Of Capri, Gold Coast, Australia

  1. Salam.

    -Hutang dah berbayar, janji sudah dikota.
    sila lihat hhtp://

    -kasi komenlah sikit!

  2. Very nice I like it ! Its a wonderful feelings to have your caricature drawn.. Thankyou so much sahabat . I will cherished this masterpiece

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