Don’s Travelogue: Goldcoast to Sydney

kampung luat

The long journey from Goldcoast to Sydney was very memorable. We just Take it easy   driving across the vast countryside.                                    Kampung Luat  Lenggong Perak

We stopped at every opportunities of fantastic beaches and harbours.

Kampung Luat  Lenggong Perak

Driving afterdark on Pacific Highway was scarry.. too many truckies!

Kampung Luat  Lenggong Perak

We booked a sweet little cottage at Port Macquarie for two nights.

Caricature Artist Malaysia
The Boys @ Abbey Road Fort Macquarie

and walked all over town of Byron Bay, Woolgoolga, Coffs Harbour and Newcastle.

Kampung Luat  Lenggong Perak

and spent two nights at a beautiful town of Manly in Sydney!

Kampung Luat  Lenggong Perak

We were so enthralled seeing for the first time ..The Harbour Bridge

Kampung Luat  Lenggong Perak

and the distinctive iconic building of .. Opera House !

kampung Luat  Lenggong Perak

Enjoying a picnic with family overlooking the cool view of Sydney Cove

kampung Luat  Lenggong Perak

and strolled along the waterside of the Rock precint by the beach of Balmoral and into the vibrant city of Sydney . Its an unforgettable  vacation ..wait for my next posting from Tunisia. so till then ..have a nice day !


3 thoughts on “Don’s Travelogue: Goldcoast to Sydney

  1. Salam Tuan Don.Bila boleh dijual semula e-book tu?Terima kasih kerana tuan menjadi rujukan utama saya dalam karikatur.Selamat Hari Guru 😀

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