Don’s Travelogue: Mandurah

Kampung Luat

Hi mate ! Its a beautiful day today and  I’m about having my eggs benedict for breakfast.

Malaysian Caricaturist

I have planned to spend my  last day in Australia to an aquatic  place called Mandurah.

Malaysian Caricaturist

I was told by the locals that Mandurah was recently declared  as Australia’s fastest growing regional destination and its coastal town  has become a vibrant tourist attractions.

Malaysian Caricature

It’s an hour drive south of Freemantle and along the coast, the beaches are sensational.


The city is very walkable and the waterside boardwalks making a stroll an enjoyable and rewarding. There are cafes and  specialty shops at Dolphin Quay located at the picturesque Ocean Marina.

Malaysian Caricaturist

I took a boat ride on this fabulous  waterways!

Kampung Luat  2

Boasting an astonishing and cosmopolitan lifestyle it’s no wonder Mandurah is so popular to visit.

Malaysian Caricaturist

What was once a fishing village is now an exciting and glittering city with sunlit waterways.

Malaysian Caricaturist

Had lunch at Cicerello’s Seafood Restaurant  with stunning views across the water of the Peel Inlet.

Malaysian Caricaturist

Beyond its historical site Mandurah has the usual range of tourist attractions. There’s Kerryelle’s Collector’s Museum with bottles, dolls, coins, spoons, seashells and gemstones been displayed.

Malysian Caricaturist

I’m gonna missed Mandurah and this sweet little Tia..I drew at Claremont. So till then, take it easy.


3 thoughts on “Don’s Travelogue: Mandurah

  1. Hi.. stumbled across your blog while I was browsing for Perth Travelogue.. do u mind sharing some information on accomodation? I am planning to visit Perth next month with family..

  2. Hi Faziana,well be glad to share some info on Perth..lots of interesting places to visit..depend on your schedule..if you guys haven’t booked hotel yet great to rent a house – .. Car Rental – ..nice drive around suburb to Melville, Duncraig, Booragoon, Ridgewood,Freemantle or to Mandurah, Caversham Wildlife Park, Araluen Botanic Park..beautiful in spring or more adventurous to Margeret River winery..4 hours drive south..worthwhile but quite tiring.

  3. Thank u very much for your reply.. i have checked out the websites that you gave.. We might rent a car from there.. As for accommodation, still trying to find a suitable one… planning to rent a house coz I will be there for 6 days.. Thanks again 🙂

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