Don’s Travelogue: Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

Malaysian Cartoonist

This lovely village is situated  on the  cliffs overlooking the Bay of Tunis.The town is clean with narrow alleys  aflame with Bougainvilleas.It was named after a holy man, Bou Said Halif El Bedgi.

malaysian Cartoonist

Upon his returned from Mecca, he settled in the village and preached the doctrine of Sufism.

malaysian Cartoonist

Baron Rodolph a European nobleman and artist, built an Anglo-Oriental mansion, which is still there today a museum.


The Baron convinced the bey to mandate that every house in the village be painted white and blue.


The village became a mecca for writers, artists and craftsmans.

malaysian Cartoon

Small shops offer antiques,unique handicrafts,lovely silver jewelry and decorative plates .

Malaysian Caricaturist

I bought some targines and souvinirs for my wife and friends.

malaysian caricatures

We explore every corners and alleys and at the very top of the street is the celebrated Café Nattes.

Malaysian Caricature

By the time we left, the streets were deserted. It was a sentimental visit to Sidi Bou Said with my friends Mr Husni  Director and  Mr Syamsul Marketing Manager  of  Tourism Malaysia Jeddah.  Wait for my next posting from the Roman Colosseum of El Jem.


One thought on “Don’s Travelogue: Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

  1. Salam Sheikh,

    It was a nice trip to Tunisia… It could have been better if the exhibition was promoted by the organiser in a more professional way. The wewather was nice, an open space or MTM Marrakech tent concept could have been better. Rather than being cordoned in a building that doesn’t even fit to be an axhibition hall, to say the least… The location was way out of Tunis hotspots…

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