Don’s Travelogue: Berlin, Germany

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Guten Tag!  Wie geht es Ihnen?  I feel good in this historic and amazing city BERLIN. 

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Soon after my first excursion into the city I  rent  a bicycle from my hotel frontdesk for 15 Euros a day not bad uh? and  I guess thats  an excellent way to learn about the city of Berlin and  enjoy the unique and unparalled view into the history of Germany.

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Soon I passed by the  remnant of  The Anhalter Bahnhof   along the Stressen Street  and suddenly I remember Hitler and his infamous Gestapos and SS armies and  the bizzare feelings  surrounds me while staring at the sad façade of this  former grandeur railway station which suffered devastating damage from Allied bombing during WWII . 

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Berlin  is all about architecture featuring a mix of historic and modern buildings. Postdamer Platz  was once part of East Germany and today Postdamer Square is a  bustling area of modern architecture and international businesses. 

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The golden statue of the Goddess Victory can be seen from all over the city and is one of Berlin’s most eye-catching landmarks.Since 1995, the Victory Column has been the epicentre of Berlin’s annual Love Parade , when hundreds of thousands of ravers gather in the Tiergarten to party in the name of love.

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The magnificent Berliner Dom is the largest and most decorated church in Berlin. It is located on Museumsinsel, overlooking the sculptured lawns of the Lustgarten.  I just sat there on the grass for quite some times adniring this beautifully ornate domeand the surrounding buildings.

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Mitte is one of the oldest districts in Berlin as well as the city center. Many of the most famous landmarks and attractions are to be found in this area. I passed through the Brandenburg Gate , the icon and a national symbol of Germany .

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I  walked amongst the undulating stone slabs of  the  mysterious  Holocaust  Memorial  the monument to the Jewish victims of  the Third Reich,  located  near the buried remains of  Hitler’s Bunker. and a  grief  and  eerie feelings surrounds me.

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Everywhere I looked around the city, its seem that the Jews have left some traces there, and out of the blues I remember a name, Theodor Herzl   the writer of  (Der Judenstaat ) . Suddenly right infront of my eyes, through the shimmering golden rays I saw the imposing Reichstag building. The Reichstag is the seat of the German Parliament and is one of Berlin’s most historical landmarks. 

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Well its getting dark and the thing that I worried happened, I’m lost hahaha…… but the blessing is .. I stumbled upon  the famous  Checkpoint Charlie which was once one of the gates of the Berlin Wall. I bought some T shirts and souvenirs  for my kids. Auf Wiedersehen!  ( Good Bye ! )


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