Don’s Travelogue: Jeita Grotto, Beirut

kampung luat

I was so engrossed with my animation project and I just need to break away for awhile  and  through the Grapevine  I could  smell the fresh air and feels the misty breeze blowing softly over my face..kampung luat

I close my eyes and saw the sparkling clear water of the Mediterranean Sea.kampung luat

and I feels  so flamboyant flying over the  the Nahr al-Kalb valley .kampung luat

and a vivid memory lingers as I passed through the vines of wild berries.kampung luat

and beyond The Assyrian Arch to The New Wonders of the World .Jeita Grotto.malaysian Cartoon

Over the years, various conquerors have carved their presents into the wall of Jeita Grotto situated on Mount Lebanon in Beirut, including the Romans,the French,the British…kampung luat
and a Malaysian hehehe . . .     malaysian Cartoon

The view in the galleries of the Upper Grotto is overwhelming..The impressive lighting that accentuate the curves and crevices of this limestone cavern create a splendid ambience.malaysian Cartoon

the action of water in the limestone has created a spectacular cathedral-like vaults of stalactites and stalagmites .I just stood still, admiring the masterpiece and absorbing myself in the  wonders of His creations  Subhanallah fatabarokallahu ahsanulkhalikin !malaysian Cartoon

The Lower Grotto is smaller but equally impressive simply due to the fact that it has a river flowing through it.malaysian Cartoon

the ambience in the lower grotto feels as if the time stood calm peaceful ..zzzzzzzz


9 thoughts on “Don’s Travelogue: Jeita Grotto, Beirut

  1. Dear Saadon,
    Alsalam alaykom,
    My friend how are you .It has been a long time when we met in KL . Maybe you will not remember me but if you see me i am sure you will remember me and my family. we have very nice drawings for all our family
    I remember when you helped me when my cellphone was stollen from the internet office .
    I hope to see you again in KL as i am visitting in next july 2010

  2. Waalaikummussalam, I’m fine alhamdulillah..I tried to recalled but the memory seem a bit blury, maybe the age is catching up with me haha..thanks for writing..and may Allah bless you and your family always.

  3. I am also getting old but still remembering good people i met in my life.
    I will be in july as i told you in KL .
    Are you going to be there ?
    Where did you reached with your project (the cartoon movie )?
    I will give you another hint my old son is studying in Malaka and my other son is intrested in graphic design .
    I hope to see you this year in bukit bintang.
    with all my best regards

    Thank you

  4. The project’s going smoothly insyaallah..and July I might be going to tunisia or moscow..anyway Selamat Datang ke Kuala Lumpur again!

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