Don’s Travel Log: The Crusader’s Sea Castle,Sidon

malaysian Cartoon

malaysian Cartoon

I had an opportunity to visit another famous Phonecian city, Sidon situated 50 km south of Beirut . The Crusader’s Sea Castle is the most prominent landmark of the medieval remnants as we approach the city . A few remains of this ancient city has survived for its past has been tragically scattered and plundered. I was informed that few centuries ago, Treasure hunters and amateur Archaeologists made off with many of its most beautiful and precious artifacts some of which can now be seen in foreign museums.

malaysian Cartoon

Not far from the Sea Castle is the picturesque old vaulted Souk. Unfortunately we went there on Friday, most of the shops were closed. But still, walking through the Medieval passages in the souk gave me the feeling of traveling in a totally different place in time! Luckily a few traders open their shop selling souvenirs , fruits and variety of local sweets. The particular specialty of Sidon in known as ” Saniors” a very delicious crumbly cake that melts in your mouth emm. On the edges of the souk there are traditional coffee houses , where male clientele gather to smoke Shisha and drink Turkish coffee.

malaysian Cartoon

Towards the south of the Souk is Khan El Franj, a traditionally large rectangular courtyard, surrounded by covered galleries. In the 19th century, Sidon’s khan housed the French consulate, a convent, an inn and small museum displaying local artifacts.

Malaysian Caricature

Situated close by the seashore and south of the souk is the Great Mosque of Al Omari.

You have my permission to copy the above sketches provided to give credits to – Don.


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