Don’s Travelogue: Tokyo

Malaysian Caricaturists
Don @ Malaysian Booth Tiffcom

I attended TIFFCOM (  Tokyo International Film Festival ).Its a marketplace for building networks and get closer insights especially from the creative contents industry.

Malaysian Cartoonist
Introducing my company’s profile at DLE ( Dream Link Entertainment )

The Malaysian delegate lead by Finas and Emdec consists of companies including Animation Studios, Game Developers, Post Productions and Broadcasters.

View from Mori Tower Roppongi
Splendid view of the city skyline and the prominent Tokyo Tower

Our  main objective from this trade mission was to acquire Co-Production opportunities with Japanese companies. Besides that we also looking for Pre Sale and Worldwide Distributors for  our two Animation series.

Cartoonist Malaysia
At Toei Animation studio with my son Tasnim and Adam from GCMA

The organizer , GCMA  had a pre arranged programme  and meetings with a few top animation studios and broadcasters in Tokyo.A chance of a lifetime which could only be possible through goverment initiative.

Malaysian Cartoonist
At Toei Studio which produced the animation series One Piece.

It was a close encounter and indepth understanding especially in the perspective of animation production in comparison with Japanese counterpart.

I personally had a great knowledge especially in the different approach and style in animation productions and also  the diversified marketing strategies.

Malaysian Caricaturist
With the founder of Domo Mr Nobuo Isobe at NHK

Merchandising and  Brand Licensing are the key elements  for  their worldwide business acknowledgement. Looking back from my own perspective its not that  hard to follow their footstep.

Malaysian Cartoonist
A gigantic Robot on top of Ghibli’s Studio

Even though the Japanese Anime is standing tall compared to our local Animation industry but I do believe we could rub shoulders in many ways.

kampung luat
A great feeling at my favourite place The Ghibli Studio Mitaka

It was a meaningful visit to Tokyo and  I’m very excited  and look forward for a colourful future insyaallah.  So till then my dear friends Domo Arigato Gozaimas’ta and Sayonara !


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