Don’s Travelogue: London, United Kingdom

malaysian Cartoon

Impressive and Exquisite!  Thats what I can describe how unique and intresting  the city is. The feelings I get while strolling along the bank of River Thames overlooking London’s best known tourist landmarks, The Big Ben, House of Parliament and Palace of Westminster is just spectacular. I recalled the opening line of Charles Dicken’s novel A Tale Of Two Cities – ” It was the best of times”malaysian Cartoon

The weather was kind although a bit chilly  but I was  blessed with a beautiful day . I loved being able to walk across the glamourous Tower Bridge  enjoying the view of The River Thames and seeing Westminster in the distance.                                       malaysian Cartoon

Another Britain great terrorist attraction .. opps!  I mean tourist attraction is Trafalgar Square. I massage my soring feet  at the fountain near Nelson’s Column  while  admiring the architectural buildings surrounding the square including The National Gallery, St Martin in the Fields  and The Buckhingham Palace which provide a glimpse into the time when the sun never set on the British Empire.malaysian Cartoon

The National Gallery houses one of the largest art collections in the world. The permanent collections are works  on artists from mostly  Western Europe  including Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Monet . As an artist I’m overwhelm but pity visitors are not allowed to snap photos inside the gallery.malaysian Cartoon

A distance away, stands one of London’s most recognizable  landmarks, The Buckingham Palace . Like the Paparazzi I was busy taking pictures of  the majestic palace  from all directions and suddenly I remember  Princess Diana and  the song by Elton John  ” Candle In The Wind ”   blowing softly in my ears.malaysian Cartoon

London is the ultimate shopping destination. Oxford Circus is one of the busiest  and vibrant place with many exclusive flagship stores of UK chains but the price tags are  jaw dropping especially with the currency exchange of Malaysian Ringgit to Pound Sterling.malaysian Cartoon

I was at The National History Museum  the other day and I was kind of stunt  looking at this humungous  skeleton of Dinosaur  Apatosaurus formerly  known as Brontosaurus  being exhibit there.  I’m not a paleontologists  but  a little fascinated with prehistoric animals and have been doing my own  research on their evolution  and existence.malaysian Cartoon

Quite a distance from the museum is the  magnificent Victorian elliptical hall.  The glamourous Royal Albert Hall  is now the venue for a variety of events, including pop concerts from Malaysian very own pop diva , Siti Norhaliza.                                   malaysian Cartoon

My apartment situated  near Marble Arch  at the western end of Oxford Street  is  just a  short walk to the beautiful and loveable  Hyde Park.   At  the famous Speakers Corner  I was indulge in watching the banter between speakers who just turn up with a box and spout forth on any topic they choose. It reminds me of our parliament sessions  back home lately haha.malaysian Cartoon

No doubt that London is a pretty city but the Londoners are much prettier. The  visitors who  queue  patiently at my booth  for their faces to be drawn during our five  days exhibition are mostly gorgeous and lovely.Kartunis Malaysia

Well I have done my time and  I have  to ” Get Back ” to where I belong so till then enjoy this piece from London most acclaimed  band The Beatles.  malaysian Cartoon

Click here for  the host webpage  beatles-caricature with the image in its original context


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