Don’s Travelogue: Hong Kong


Neih hou ma? I was in Hong Kong recently  with Finas delegation..


..attending the 17th Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (FILMART) held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.


It was  a market event of the film and TV industry organized by Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC).


The objectives is to promote Hong Kong as the regional hub for distribution and production of film, TV programs and entertainment-related products in Asia pacific and also to promote cross-media and cross-businesses partnerships.


Many major exhibits including, distribution, production and acquisition of film, TV programmes, animation,  digital entertainment and games, terrestrial TV ,cable TV , pay TV and satellite broadcasting companies.


There were also seminars on Entertainment licensing, Co-production and shooting locations.


Harbour Bridge
My sons Tasnim & Tarmizi

It was a hectic four days event  but still theres time for sightseeing.


Hong Kong has an excellent public transport network including Ferries,Trams, Subway MTR and  it’s very easy to get around.


A journey to Hong Kong is not complete without experiencing Victoria Peak.


From the Vantage Point on Sky Terrace, I experienced a spectacular cityscapes and the  evening panorama melts into pink and orange before reincarnating as a dazzling galaxy of light, shimmering beneath.


I flew home with good feelings and potential business opportunities.


Until my next posting, take it easy and enjoy my animation showreels DanDenDon and Apak  at  KLIA TV.


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