Don’s Travel Log: Casablanca, Morocco

malaysian Caricature

Bonjour! Sa Va Bien ?  I was in Casablanca and Marakesh  for the Moroccan Travel Market Salon International des Professionels Tourisme.malaysian Caricature

Morocco is especially renowned for its Erotic tales of  the famous Humprey Bogart and Igrid Bergman romantic movie Casablanca.  malaysian Caricature

Morocco has a diverse landscape, Atlantic coast, Rif Mountain in the North,the Atlas Mountain in the middle and the dessert in the South.                                                                                                malaysian Cartoon

 The  journey from Casablanca to Marakesh was splendid views across vast plainland  of olive and varieties of  plantations.                                malaysian Cartoon

Marrakesh is a beautiful garden city. All over town the landscaping are well kept with colourful flowers , olive  and bright orange trees.           malaysian Cartoon

Marrakesh still remains Exotic and Vibrant !.malaysian Cartoon

Something has never changed! The Djemma El Fana and the area around remains the beating heart of the city and the greatest  Souq in the South.malaysian Cartoonmalaysian Cartoon

It was raining all day  but we still have time to taste the local delicacies, the grill lamb and the hot Marakesh mint tea at the famous Djemaa El Fana stalls.   malaysian Cartoon

Well, thanks to the technology, the Skype and the WiFi,  the world seems closer and you could be in touch with your loves one back home for free. Malaysian Caricature

I received  a portrait of me drawn by a dear friend if mine , Mr Husni.I will cherished this sentimental gift and treasured the moments in Morocco .  Salut!


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