Don’s Travel Log: Surfers Paradise,Gold Coast

malaysian Cartoon

Hi  guys!  I’m  now in Paradise! Surfers Paradise!malaysian Cartoon

What  a wonderful sights. Subhanallah fatabarokallahu ahsanulkhalikin!malaysian Cartoon

I woke up to the sound of  thundering wave  and the glorious sunrise on the horizon of  the Gold Coast shoreline at Surfers Paradise. malaysian Cartoon

Surfers Paradise  is a heaven for surfers and  the Quiksilver Pro .malaysian Cartoon

It is indisputably Australia’s most popular holiday destination.
malaysian Cartoon

The sub-tropical climate is ideal for  leisure activities all year round. malaysian Cartoon

Goldcoast is famous for its Theme Parks, Movie World,Dream World and Sea World  which offer  great entertainment for  all ages.
malaysian Cartoon

Surfers Paradise offers many  souvenirs shops  and  live music venues.malaysian Cartoon

In addition to the vibrant downtown  and the Entertainment  Centres.
malaysian Cartoon

Well mate, till then have a great  day. Cheers and no worries. Bye !


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