Don’s Travelogue: Carthage, Tunisia

Malaysian Caricaturist

Bonjour !  Comment allez-vous? Salut !  from   Carthage Tunisia for a Roman and French experience.


Carthage was once a great empire and  a  key importance to Roman history. The first great imperial opponent led by Hannibal ..       malaysian Caricaturist

..who dared the mighty Romans to the very brink of defeat.                                                                                            Malaysian Caricature

The Romans returned to Carthage and built on its ruins a new Carthage resplendent with great buildings Aqueducts, Villas, Baths and Colleseums.                                                                          malaysian Cartoon

Carthage became the administrative capital for Africa and its importance  can be seen in the Antoinine Thermal baths, one of the largest ever built.                                                                        malaysian Cartoonist

Now the ruins of both  empires lay open to the sun and wildflowers.                                                                                   malaysian Cartoonist

The cathedral of Saint Louis and the National Museum which crowns the  hill of Byrsa holds an impressive collection of Punic and Roman statues.                                                                 Malaysian Caricature

This breathtakingly beautiful site was declared as a  national monument.

Kampung Luat
Don at Antoinine Thermal Baths, Carthage.

Wait for my next posting from la rue principale..Sidi Bou Said…Au revoir.


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