My Girl

kampung luat

Today, as you Graduate …one chapter in your life has closed …and another is about to begin. The future stands bright before you…so take hold of your dreams…and no matter what…don’t let go !… There will be time ahead when you will feel overwhelmed…but try not to give up…for nothing which is worth anything…comes without hard work and sacrifice !… When you were a little girl…I held your hand…I guided you and protected you… as best as I could. … It’s time for me to slowly let go now. …There is some pain in that. …Still…there is also a wonderful sense of pride and accomplishment as I look at the beautiful young woman that you have become. …

kampung luat

I Love You … Sweetheart ! ..and I pray that my love will sustain you …. It’s time now … to spread your wings and fly !!

malaysian Caricaturist

CONGRATULATIONS ! … You make us proud !

Lots of love from your loving mom…

malaysian cartoonist

… and your proudest dad !


One thought on “My Girl

  1. Thank you dad.. 🙂 cud hv never done it without the promise I made to you n mom. Thank you for ever protecting me n your hardship to watch me grow. I’m really happy and blessed to be in this family. Thank you for putting up with my every needs and annoyance 😀 thank you for letting me test the waters. Sumtimes I may fall apart, altho if you think I’m big enough or want let go, pls remember I’ll always be yours and umi’s little girl. Thank you for the lovely wishes ayah 🙂


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