Caricature: Valentino Rossi

malaysian Caricature


Valentino Rossi is one of my favourite GP Riders. He has just won the San Marino Motor GP with the time 44’41.884 and reached another milestone in his outstanding career by matching the all-time premier-class win record. His 68th premier-class victory brings him level with his great countryman Giacomo Agostini and the fact that he was able to do it at his home track of Misano made it all the more special for the flamboyant Italian.

Born in Urbino, Italy on 16th February 1979, Rossi was riding bikes from an early age . The next few years saw him quickly rise up through ranks of junior road racing, claiming the Italian Sport Production Championship in 1994 and the Italian 125cc Championship in 1995.

Rossi`s World Championship debut came at the Malaysian Grand Prix in 1996 and he finished his first international season in 9th place with one race win. The following year he became the youngest ever rider to win the 125cc World Championship, winning eleven races along the way with Aprilia.

In 2000 he entered a new phase of his career when he joined forces with Honda in the 500cc class. Rossi made history by moving to Yamaha in 2004 and winning the season-opening Grand Prix in South Africa, becoming the first rider in the history of the sport to win back-to-back premier class races for different manufacturers.

He turns 29 in February 2008 and remains the youngest rider to have won World Championships in all three classes. One of the most popular members of the paddock, ‘The Doctor` has a wide fan base all over the world.

p/s: Any individuals/ parties who wish to use this caricature are welcome to do so provided to give credits to and are not used for commercial purpose. Be sure to wait for my next ProCaricature’s Great Achievers Series!


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